“If you go ahead with the bobsled track we'll kill you”, threats to the mayor of Cortina ahead of the Olympics


By John

An anonymous letter of threats, which bears the words “if you continue with the bobsleigh track, we will kill you”, reached the mayor of Cortina Gianluca Lorenzi. The mayor of Ampezzo, as reported by the Nem group newspapers, has already filed a complaint against unknown persons at the police station of the Dolomite town that will host the 2026 Olympics.
“Now it will be the precise task of the investigators – comments Lorenzi – to shed full light on what unexpectedly happened”.
In recent days there has been bitter controversy over the felling of dozens of trees to make way for the new bobsleigh track that will host the Olympic competition. Exhibits were presented by various environmental associations to verify compliance with the landscape restriction on the demolition of the old Monti runway and the felling of the centuries-old trees in the Ronco area.