European elections, the candidacies are almost defined in the center-right of Cosenza


By John

Four months may seem long, but in reality time passes in silence and when faced with an objective to be achieved it is better to organize beforehand. A concept that the political forces know quite well, and despite the apparent calm, they have already thoroughly explored the next electoral stages.
In June, in fact, the polls will start both for the renewal of municipal administrations and for the European ones. The Cosenza area is in fibrillation and the parties continue to meet in order to draw conclusions and place the best candidates. In the PD house, the discussions between the local ruling class and the national leaders continue unabated but there is not even a hint of names, at least as regards the delegation to be sent to Brussels.
The hypothesis had been put forward Mimmo Bevacqua, then denied by the regional councilor himself. And while the center-left in general scans the horizon, in the centre-right the picture seems clearer. At least apparently, because what is taken for granted today could vanish in a few moments. In any case, Forza Italia, its pioneer, seems to have identified him and responds to the identikit of the president of the Province, as well as mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, Rosaria Succurrovery close to the positions of Mario and Roberto Occhiuto.