Illegal landfills of dangerous waste in the Lamezzo area: an area of ​​30 thousand m2 seized


By John

The financiers of the Lamezia Terme Group, after extensive monitoring of the hinterland areas affected by the presence of industrial settlements, have identified some buildings used for factories where carpentry and painting of sheet metal and metal components were carried out.

The investigations, carried out with the help of the technical staff of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Calabria Region, made it possible to ascertain that these activities were carried out without any authorization and in unsuitable environments as they lack extraction and filtration systems for fumes and dust produced during the manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, during the checks the military found, in some areas adjacent to the buildings, an enormous quantity of special and dangerous waste deposited in an uncontrolled manner on the bare ground. The waste, mixed together and without any suitable protection, was exposed to atmospheric agents, with the consequence that the leachate produced by the inevitable run-off of the same is absorbed directly by the ground contaminating the environmental matrices, soil and water, and constituting a potential danger to public health.

At the end of the complex checks, having ascertained illicit waste management by the administrators and managers of the controlled companies, the seizure of the two buildings and the areas used for illegal landfills with a total surface area of ​​over 30,000 m2.