In Catanzaro, the nostalgia and feelings of Carlo Greco in “La terra senza”. On Wednesday the actor will be the protagonist of the preview of Moni Ovadia's film


By John

«Acting is my life, something innate that you feel inside and assaults you without leaving you for a moment». Words carved in the heart of Carlo GrecoThat Wednesday 27 March will be the protagonist of the film Moni Ovadia “The land without”, which will have its national premiere at Municipal Theatre Of Catanzaroat hours 7.30pm. The memories of childhood that resurface when you return after a long time to the place where you were born. Reliving the places of your own land, smelling the scents that recall ancient memories, a past experienced first-hand, are the situations at the center of the feature film which will feature an intense Carlo Grecoactor born in Catanzaro. Alongside him, performers known for their inspired careers, such as Donatella Finocchiaro And Aurelio D'Amore.

«”The land without” is a story about feelings. There is a small part of Ludovico inside me and my relationship with the city of Catanzaro. Every return to the places of my youth turns into an emotion that I struggle to describe”. A deep bond with one's land that nothing can undermine, not even distance. The wind of passion has always accompanied the path of Carlo Greco on the roads of acting. A path followed with great sacrifice, until he reached the goal he had set himself: becoming an actor. Trying to express one's emotions on a stage is the arduous task required by his profession and his art.

Carlo Greco he cultivates his skills as an excellent actor by studying a Naples, Rome And Paris. The first national of “The land without”taken from the theatrical text by Anna Vinci, it will be a happy opportunity to return to his hometown and meet fellow citizens who have always appreciated his artistic and human skills. A return to the land of Catanzaro, like the one made by the protagonist of the film, Ludovico, played by the actor from Catanzaro.

It is he who, intent on wanting to sell the family home, finds himself pervaded by the smells, places and people he had left behind for 40 long years. Ludovico chooses the Easter period to return to Catanzarorediscovers the happy part of living in his land, but also thinks back to the negative events that led him to leave. Moni Ovadia, managed to capture the most beautiful views of the city, placing Ludovico in front of his past. The character of Carlo Greco he confronts his adoptive sister Rosa (Donatella Finocchiaro), remained in this land to raise her son born from a clandestine affair with a young criminal.

A character, that of Ludovico, who is suffering in body and soul. The relationship with Rosa has now deteriorated due to the brutal death of a childhood friend of theirs. The return, which should soothe his aching soul, does nothing but make him face the reality of his life and his origins. A character played with passion by Carlo Grecoendowed with great professionalism cultivated over a 54-year career, chameleonic in the guise of characters for theatre, cinema and television, such as “Crazy Old Men”, “Killers against killers”, “Discordant Note”, “Phaedra” And “Police District”.

«The scent of the alleys, the memory of the houses with the vegetable gardens are part of my life. Catanzaro is not only my city, but also a safe place in which, when I return, I find myself”, he has declared Carlo Greco. The happiness of presenting to his fellow citizens a project in which he believed so much almost brings him to tears. “The land without” brings to the big screen some of the most characteristic places of the city of Catanzaro, such as Palazzo Leone in the historic center and the terrace of the “San Giovanni” Monumental Complex, as well as depicting one of the most characteristic Catanzaro traditions of the Easter period, the Naca.

The film was produced by Rean Mazzone with her Ila Palma in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The soundtrack was entrusted to the original music of Mario Incudine. After Catanzaro, the film will be presented at the Cinema Mexico in Milan on 8 April and at the Quattro Fontane in Rome on 12 April 2024. During the national preview in Catanzaro, in addition to the protagonist Carlo GrecoThey will be present Aurelio D'Amorethe writer Anna Vinci and the manufacturer Rean Mazzone.