In Marsala the theater piece “A choice of life” dedicated to Francesca Morvillo. Among the protagonists the Vibo actor Giuseppe Ingoglia


By John

A theatrical piece and a short film staged by the theatrical cultural association “Blueberry Company” Of Erice with the narrative voice of the Calabrian actor (from Vibo Valentia) Giuseppe Ingoglia. A screenplay and script written by the author Paola Stabile, president of the company. after the “premiere” on May 10th at the Ariston cinema theater in Trapani, with the contribution of the Sicilian Region, in recent days the blueberry company went on stage for the second appointment at the “E.Sollima” theater in Marsala, thanks to the This initiative was strongly supported by the national association of magistrates, subsection of Marsala, which organized one of the events to commemorate the victims of the massacre of 23 May 1992.

It was the opportunity for a meeting in memory of faithful servants of the state through the free theatrical interpretation which represented thoughts and moments of the life of Francesca Laura Morvillo together with the people who passed through her existence. The blueberry company, with this representation, wanted and wants to remember the figure of this woman magistrate, an example for women, her commitment against the mafia and her life choices: that of being a magistrate, that of leaving the first husband, that of living alongside Giovanni Falcone despite knowing the danger he ran, that of sacrificing her life next to her man. the first magistrate killed in Italy who grabbed moments of happiness in an obstacle course full of difficulties and uncertainties. this show tells the professional commitment, seriousness, sensitivity, attention, love and determination of Francesca Laura Morvillo, combined with a feminine and affable trait that made her an extremely beautiful and complete woman. The blueberry company approached this project with the utmost respect in interpreting real episodes from the lives of the characters in this story, accompanied by the narrative voice that gives delicacy and emotion.