In Messina the Amam is looking for wells and water sources: the appeal to citizens


By John

It's back in vogue “Water seeks Amam”, the project launched in 2019 by the Company, which substantiates the participation of citizens in the search for new sources of supply, to increase the quantity of water resources available to the entire community, an essential step in the broader project of providing water 24 hours per day to all users. For this reason, in compliance with the priority objectives defined in the 2024-26 Three-Year Plan, Amam is re-proposing the expression of interest open to all, without deadline, to report the existence of wells, springs and/or aquifers to be exploited as a drinking water resource serving the water network. Participating is very simple. Each citizen who is aware of the existence of a well, a vein of water in their land or in localized land, will be able to communicate it to the email address (email protected) dedicated to the project, first of all indicating:
✓ PLACE in which it is located (including the characteristics: e.g. countryside, mountains, impervious terrain, etc.);
✓ TYPE of aquifer vein;
✓ OWNERSHIP or whether or not it is OWNER or with another title of availability;
✓ TELEPHONE NUMBER for contact by an AMAM technician, and any other useful information in the opinion of the person reporting (any analyzes already conducted on drinkability, how long it has existed, the flow rate, plans and maps, details of authorization measures, etc. .).

Having received the reports, AMAM will take action with its technicians who, following an inspection and in-depth analysis, will evaluate the real consistency and actual usability of the water resource or the path for making it available to the service of the city water network. For this reason, AMAM asks all citizens to respond to the appeal anyway, reporting any hypothesis of potential relevance to what the Project envisages.