Regeni's death, prosecutors: “Cobweb created around Giulio”. Parents: “Words Meloni? No comment”


By John

«The overall picture that emerged is that of a spider web that slowly, between September 2015 and 25 January 2016, was tightened around Regeni by the defendants. Web created both through the acquisition of the passport without his knowledge, searches of his house in his absence, stalking, photographs and videos, and through the 'friendly' people that Regeni frequented who reported, in real time, to the defendants about their meetings with the Italian”. This is what the deputy prosecutor of Rome, Sergio Colaiocco, said in the courtroom, illustrating the list of witnesses to be heard in the trial of four Egyptian 007s.

The “decisive” evidence

There are ten pieces of evidence defined by the Rome Prosecutor's Office as “decisive” against the four Egyptian 007s accused of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Giulio Regeni. This emerges from the speech in the courtroom of the Deputy Prosecutor, Sergio Colaiocco, who illustrated the list of witnesses deposited at the Court of Assizes and requested that the documents of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry be acquired. Among the ten points illustrated by the representative of the prosecution are the videos of the Cairo metro station where Giulio was picked up, missing the ten minutes in which he was taken, Regeni's PC which provided useful information on the motive, and the telephone records. For the Rome Prosecutor's Office, one of the elements is represented by the many attempts to mislead the identification of the four accused: they range from sexual motives to robbery and the most serious one, according to the prosecutors, is the discovery of the young man's documents in a connected house. to a criminal gang then killed by Egyptian law enforcement.

The words of Giulio Regeni's parents

“Let's not comment on Prime Minister Meloni's words, let's just say that fortunately in our country there is the separation of powers, unlike what happens in regimes.” This was stated by the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini, lawyer of Giulio Regeni's parents, Claudio and Paola, commenting on the visit of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, yesterday to Cairo.