In Mirafiori in March a whole month of layoffs: 2,260 workers affected

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By John

A whole month of layoffs in March for the 2,260 workers of Mirafiori. The Maserati and electric 500 lines will not stop completely, but will work on a single shift. Stellantis communicated this to the unions.

«This is a new sign of the continuation of the period of suffering for Mirafiori. We are well aware of the ongoing strategic plan of Stellantis, which has always stated that it is focusing on Mirafiori, but we note with regret the period of difficulty that the site is facing at the moment, in particular the body shop; difficulties that we will try to manage as best we can to minimize the impact on workers and their wages. We hope that the government’s intervention, with the new incentive plan, will support the recovery of the market. We need collaboration in synergy with the Region to protect the territory” comments the territorial secretary of Fismic Confsal of Turin, Sara Rinaudo. «Another ultra-negative fact of the phase we are going through. There are many signs that make our wrists tremble”, says Edi Lazzi, general secretary of the Turin Fiom.

«It is proof of the unfortunately negative forecast. The knot has come to a head. The Mirafiori case must be of national importance, the plant must be put in a position to have prospects”, underlines Rocco Cutrì, number one of the Turin Fim. «We are very worried because this redundancy fund is added to what already exists. What we have is not enough, we need a new model immediately”, adds Luigi Paone, secretary of the Turin Uilm.