Reggio, illicit waste dumping in Valanidi. Crucitti Group Srl: “We Strangers, it’s a case of homonymy”


By John

“The Palmi construction company, Crucitti Group Srlreleased a note to clarify its complete non-involvement in the facts linked to the illicit dumping of waste in the Valanidi stream in Reggio Calabria. The company – we read in the press release – wishes to underline that the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri, under the coordination of the DDA of Reggio Calabria – which deserves our applause – concerning the environmental disaster caused by the “Crucitti Group Srl” company, does not concerns them. The confusion arises from a case of homonymy: the company Crucitti Group Srl based in Palmi was mistakenly associated with the company involved in the operation. Our company, specialized in the production of concrete, has no involvement in the matter. This case of homonymy has caused some misunderstandings and damaged our reputation. We strongly condemn these illegal practices which, in addition to causing irreversible damage to the environment, harm businesses that operate within the law. The owners of the “Crucitti Group Srl” of Palmi ask the newspapers to be able to add among the information provided in the investigation the specification that the company involved in the operation is not the one based in Palmi, but another company located in Reggio “.