In Santo Stefano di Camastra the ancient children of the diocese of Patti on display until the 14th


By John

In the historical Trabia palace of Santo Stefano di Camastra the historical cultural exhibition can be visited until January 14th “Admirable signum”, a collection of children from the parishes of the diocese of Patti. Event strongly desired by the bishop mons. Guglielmo Giombanco, collaborated on site by the archpriest Don Calogero Calanni of the local parish.

The interesting collection, which traces the 800 years that have passed since the first re-enactment of the nativity scene in Greccio by Saint Francis, presents a section reserved for the ex-voto children of the Letto Santo sanctuary. The “Admirabile signum” exhibition, whose title refers to the name of the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis, displays the most valuable children ordinarily preserved in the parish communities of the diocese from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

At 6.30pm todayafter the mass celebrated by the bishop at 5.30 pm in the Mother Church, will take place in Palazzo Trabia a study conference entitled “The material and immaterial cultural heritage of the Sicilian Christmas tradition”. The topics covered will focus on musical compositions and Christmas depictions, interspersed with musical performances by the group of young parish animators from Stefano and the maestro Rosario Altadonna.