Simone Alessio does an encore. Second consecutive Olympics for Calabrian taekwondoka


By John

Italia Team reaches triple figures: just over 200 days from the Opening Ceremony, they are 100 the Italian athletes qualified at Paris 2024.

To allow us to obtain this (temporary) sum, the two national places officially conquered today in taekwondo.

At the close of the Olympic qualification ranking Simone Alessio is widely first in the category of -80kg: 500.24 points for the two-time world champion (2019 and 2023), who will take part in the second five-circle event of his career in France. The news was certain for some time, now it’s also official.

It will also be the second Olympics for Vito Dell’Aquilawho made a big splash in Tokyo 2020 by winning the gold medal in the -58kg. In the ranking of the same category the Italian athlete occupies the final fourth place (372.04 points) which also qualifies him for access to Paris. Decisive for the placement of the blue the victory of the Grand Prix Final in December in Manchester.

All the Italians qualified so far: 100 in 19 disciplines

The Azzurri qualified for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games I am currently 100 (57 men, 43 women) in 19 disciplines:

– Skeet shooting (7 Olympic cards: 2 d Trap, 2 u Trap, 2 d Skeet, 1 u Skeet)

– Rhythmic gymnastics (7 Olympic cards: 2d Individual General Competition, 5d Team General Competition)

– Target shooting (1 Olympic card: 1 u 10 m rifle)

– Modern Pentathlon (3 individual passes: Elena Micheli, Alice Sotero, Giorgio Malan)

– Diving (4 Olympic cards: 2 u Trampoline and Synchro Trampoline, 2 u Trampoline)

– Boxing (4 individual passes: Salvatore Cavallaro – 80 kg, Giordana Sorrentino – 50 kg, Irma Testa – 57 kg, Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine – 92 kg)

– Archery (1 Olympic card: 1 d individual)

– Surfing (1 individual pass: Leonardo Fioravanti)

– Swimming (5 individual passes and 4 Olympic cards: Gregorio Paltrinieri – 1500 freestyle, Alberto Razzetti – 200 medley and 400 medley, Thomas Ceccon – 100 backstroke, Benedetta Pilato – 100 breaststroke, Alessandro Miressi – 100 freestyle, 4×100 freestyle)

– Sports climbing (1 individual pass: Matteo Zurloni – Speed)

– Sailing (10 Olympic cards for 8 crews: Nacra 17 u/d, iQFOiL d, iQFOiL u, Kite d, Kite u, ILCA 6 d, ILCA 7 u, 49erFX d)

– Athletics (1 individual pass: Gianmarco Tamberi – High jump)

– Canoeing (2 Olympic cards in speed: C2 500 u, 4 Olympic cards in slalom: C1 d, C1 u, K1 d, K1 u)

– Rowing (13 Olympic cards: Double PL u, Four sculls u, Double u, Two without u, Double d, Reserve Four sculls u)

– Equestrian Sports (5 Olympic cards: 3+1 reserve in Team Eventing; 1 in Individual Show Jumping)

– Artistic gymnastics (10 Olympic cards: 5 u General Team Competition, 5 d General Team Competition)

– Cycling (7 Olympic road cards: 3 u and 4 d)

– Fencing (4 Olympic cards d, 4 Olympic cards u: women’s team foil, men’s team sword, including reserves)

– Taekwondo (2 Olympic cards: 1 u -58 kg, 1 u -80 kg)