Inclusion allowance: applications with PAD signed by the end of January will be paid on 15 February


By John

INPS announces that 287,704 families have started to receive from January 26th the payment of the Inclusion Allowance (ADI).

The measure was recognized to those families who submitted the request within the first days of January, who signed the Digital Activation Agreement (PAD) and whose application has passed the preventive checks relating to the requirements established by the legislation.

Applications received from December 18th to January 31st will be paid as early as February 15. Applicants who sign up for the PAD by January 31st will also be entitled to payment of the current month’s monthly payment.

Those interested received a SMS with the invitation to go to a post office to collect the Inclusion card on which the amount of the check is credited.

The applications processed (received by the first days of January) were 446,256, of which 418,527 with a signed PAD.

From the preventive checks carried out, it emerged that:

  • 12,222 applications require an additional investigation for the acquisition of the certification certifying the requirement required for the recognition of the measure. Once the INPS has acquired the certification, it will be able to proceed with the payment from next February 15th or in any case within 60 days if the certification from the relevant bodies is not received;
  • 1,140 under investigation for internal controls of the Institute (anti-fraud checks);
  • 117,461 applications were rejected due to lack of requirements. The main causes include: negative result above the threshold on DSU, exceeding the income thresholds, failure to declare work activity.

Therefore, the first 287,704 applications, which successfully passed the preliminary investigation phase, were paid on 26 January with an average amount of 645.84 euros.