Tourism in Locride and employment, Calabrese’s priorities: “Direct measures for companies and training of essential professional profiles”


By John

The regional councilor for Labour, Giovanni Calabreseafter the visit, together with the president Eyedto Geracefor the presentation of the actions included in the M1C3-Inv.1.1 loan, and at the recently renovated Terme di Galatro, talks about the need to invest in tourism in Locride “because the growth of a community enhances the entire Calabrian territory and the Region with its President has believed a lot in the creation of a cultural tourist center, symbol of Calabria”, he talks about hiring incentives for companies “considering it appropriate that tourism start from the professional opportunities and opportunities that the sector will give to young people and professionals in this sector, because investing in the area means creating jobs and Locride must believe in it”.

“After the meeting on the General States of Tourism in the Cittadella with the day of work on the theme ‘Extraordinary Calabria: the future of tourism’ – continues councilor Calabrese – we are increasingly convinced of the need to attract tourists and we can only do this if the companies in the sector strongly believe in work, not only for three months a year, but in a tourism that can embrace many services and the thousand peculiarities of our Region. And, as President Occhiuto also stated, we must shake off the concept of Calabria as an optional destination.”

The Labor councilor also focuses on Kaire project the second year of which will be presented shortly.

“We intend to continue with these measures to increase the development of tourism and with “Kaire Calabria”, PR Calabria Fund FESR ESF+ 2021-2027 for employment for companies operating in the tourism supply chain, we have already launched positive policies to provide support to businesses tourism through the granting of incentives for the employment of disadvantaged, very disadvantaged and disabled unemployed workers. Furthermore, after the recent launch of the survey of trends on professional needs, a questionnaire is also being launched on the survey of professional needs of Calabrian businesses in the tourism sector, aimed at strengthening the supply-demand matching service at the Centers for Employment, with the involvement of employers’ associations, for the promotion of employment in the tourism sector. When I say that the regional department for work and professional training and the Labor Department, among the various initiatives, aim at actions aimed at optimizing the intersection between job demand and supply, I say it because it is essential to support employment needs expressed by the tourism sector. I agree – finally states councilor Calabrese – with what was stated by the entrepreneur Pippo Callipo: Calabria must invest in young people and businesses and will only be able to do so by listening to entrepreneurial needs, aiming for direct measures for companies with incentives for employment, to the training of essential and appropriate profiles for the tourism sector”.