Inclusion check, the outcome of the application is now visible. INPS communication


By John

Starting today, it is possible to consult the results of the applications for theInclusion Allowance (ADI), a fundamental measure for supporting people in situations of social and economic vulnerability. The verification of the results represents a key moment for all those awaiting this important support.

The Inclusion Allowance (ADI) is a national measure to combat poverty, fragility and social exclusion of vulnerable groups through social inclusion paths, as well as training, work and active employment policies, established starting from 1 January 2024 from article 1 1 of the legislative decree of 4 May 2023, n. 48, converted with amendments by law 3 July 2023, n. 85.

It should be noted that ADI payments will begin to be disbursed starting January 26th, but this only applies to applications that have passed prior checks. These checks are crucial to ensure the integrity and fairness of the process, ensuring that the check is awarded to those who are actually entitled to it.

For questions still in progress, patience is required. This situation occurs when the checks on the declarations provided have not yet been completed. This is an essential step to prevent abuse and to ensure that the check is distributed fairly.

Applicants are advised to regularly check the status of their application through the official channels provided by the ADI management body. It is important to stay informed about any news and communications relating to the check disbursement process.

How should the application be submitted?

The inclusion allowance must be requested starting from 18 December 2023:

⦁ directly from the website, accessing via SPID (Public Digital Identity System) at least Level 2, CNS (National Service Card) or CIE (Electronic Identity Card) in the specific section dedicated to the ADI;
⦁ or by contacting the Patronages referred to in law 30 March 2001, n. 152;
⦁ as well as to the Tax Assistance Centers (CAF), starting from 8 January 2024.

Already 600 thousand applications for the inclusion allowance

“The inclusion allowance has been active since January 1st” and “out of an audience of 737 thousand families, 600 thousand have already submitted an application and the checks – which we carry out first – will start on Friday 26 January”. Giorgia Meloni said this yesterday during premier time in the Chamber and speaking about the measures that replaced the citizen’s income. “The average amount – she added – is 635 euros per month, that is, an amount higher than the income and this shows that by dividing the audiences, those who are in worse situations benefit from it”.

«On the second measure», he added, “which started in September 2023, as of January 20, 165 thousand applications have been processed and 70 thousand have been accepted and over 27 thousand have received 350 euros per month. Currently – he recalled – there are almost 178 thousand job offers on the platform However, the Prime Minister highlighted that “out of 249 thousand potentially employable people who received income, only 55 thousand presented an application, just over 22%: it is possible that some found work but also that they were not looking for work” or were working illegally but “if you are not available to work, you cannot expect to be supported with the money of those who work every day”.