Instant poll Basilicata: Bardi (Centre-right) 53/57%, Marrese (Centre-left-M5S) 41/45%. FdI first party


By John

Vito Bardi (centre-right) between 53 and 57% (total centre-right coalition 53/57), Piero Marrese (centre-left+M5s) between 41 and 45% (coalition 41/45), Eustachio Follia (Volt) between 1 and 3%. These are the data from the first instant poll released by Yoodata for Telenorba while the polls for the Regional elections in Basilicata have recently closed.

Brothers of Italy, with a “range” of support between 23 and 27 percent, would be the first party in Basilicata: this is the data that emerges from the «Yoodata» instant poll, commissioned by Telenorba and carried out with 2,020 interviews with Lucanian voters yesterday and today.
After FdI, there would be Pd (between 15 and 19 percent), M5s (14-18 percent) and Forza Italia (12-16 percent). In the centre-right, the League would obtain between four and eight percent of the votes. In the centre-left, Basilicata Casa Comune would be between four and six percent.
Volt, the European political movement representing the third candidate for the presidency of the Region, Eustachio Follia, would collect between one and three percent of the votes.