It is an open clash in the Catanzaro Democratic Party: accusations and poisons between Celia and Cristallo


By John

A note from the regional councilor was enough Ernesto Alecci to blow the cap off the clutches that have been agitating the Catanzaro Democratic Party for months now. The clash between the two souls of the party is now open: on the one hand Fabio Celia resigning citizen secretary, on the other the component of the national direction Crystal Jasmine landmark in secretary city Elly Schlein. Cristallo had openly expressed her dissent to Alecci’s intervention who had proposed to Celia that she remain secretary until the new congress. Celia’s reply was very heavy and on a personal level. The leader of the Democratic Party, referring to Cristallo, spoke of a “political career built on nothing”. For Celia it would have come out «after months of “karst” strategies carried out with the handful of well-known loyalists who share the bad fate of absolute marginality in terms of electoral consensus, but due to the disarming paucity, professional and political, of a self-styled public figure of which, however, we do not know, for example, any work activity carried out … outside the cathode ray tube». Celia raises some questions about the position obtained by Cristallo in the party, wondering if it is “the fruit of co-optation”. Furthermore, the outgoing secretary wonders if he is “preparing the ground to obtain an armored position in a list for Parliament”, and again if he is thinking “of conquering the top of the Democratic Party in Catanzaro in cahoots with a small group of members who, like of her, they would also encounter considerable difficulties in being elected head of the condominium».

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