Journalists from Crotone on stage for Unitalsi, Thursday's show against the mafia


By John

Next June 6th, at 9pm, in the municipal villa, Crotone journalists will return to the scene to help the Unitalsi subsection. A date already sold out (the 700 tickets put up for sale were sold in just a week) for which a repeat has been scheduled for next June 12th again at the Villa Comunale.
After last year's experience, when they staged the comedy “Journalism is dead, long live journalists”, in which they made fun of their profession, on 6 June they will debut with “Commedia Kriminale – Santi i gheesa e diavuli i casa” in which they will ridicule the 'Ndrangheta. The comedy was written by Giacinto Carvelli and is directed by director Rodolfo Calaminici.
The show involves many of the signatures and well-known faces of Crotone journalism. The story starts from the desire for “revenge” of the saints on whom the 'Ndrangheta members carry out the so-called criminal baptism: then it is a succession of scenes which, between the serious and the facetious, between denunciation and irony, highlight on the one hand the dangerous infiltration of crime into everyday life and on the other hand they ridicule those values, such as family, honor and respect, which the 'Ndrangheta in its criminal vision has emptied of meaning, filling them only with violence and abuse. So there will be powerful bosses who argue over jokes and men of honor who don't even rule at home. “We found ourselves as journalists – said the author of the comedy, Giacinto Carvelli – and we agreed to return to the stage following the main lines that characterized our first experience which ended with an unexpected success: civil commitment in theme to be discussed and solidarity in the goal to be achieved. So this year we decided to bring the world of the mafias to the stage, trying to dismantle the clichés that surround them and above all to mock them, which is, after all, a way of to fight them.” The proceeds, or rather as it is written on the poster, “the spoils of the evening”, will go to the Unitalsi subsection of Crotone for the purchase of a new vehicle for the transport of people with disabilities. Last year, the Crotone journalists with the comedy “Journalism is dead, long live the journalists” managed to help the Street Volunteers association to which they donated almost 9,000 euros to buy a new camper with which to distribute hot meals to the homeless and to families in difficulty in the city.