Kate Middleton apologizes: “I retouched the family photo. Every now and then I have fun with editing”


By John

Princess Kate apologizes on X for sharing an edited photo. «Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally try my hand at editing. I wanted to express my apologies for the confusion caused by the family photo we shared yesterday. I hope all those celebrating had a happy Mother's Day.” So on her X her profile, Princess Kate apologizes for the modified photo of her with her children.

What had happened

Media pressure is growing on Kensington Palace, the official residence of the heir to the British throne William, in search of explanations for the unprecedented misstep committed yesterday with the publication of a photograph of Kate, wife of Charles III's eldest son, later revealed retouched according to the unanimous opinion of the major photojournalism agencies in the world. The image – the first official of the Princess of Wales released by the court after two and a half months of total absence from the public scene, and almost two months after the mysterious abdominal surgery she underwent at the London Clinic in mid-January, depicting a smiling Kate with the 3 children on British Mother's Day – was withdrawn as suspected of “manipulation” last night by the American agency AP, followed by the British-Canadian Reuters. And in the following hours also by the French AFP, as well as by the US giant Getty photo. A real debacle for the PR machine of the Princes of Wales, grappling with the boomerang effect of an operation designed to reassure public opinion and dispel doubts – as well as the most unlikely conspiracy theories circulating on the web – which the very strict secrecy observed during 42-year-old Kate's long convalescence has so far fueled. Kensington Palace has refused to comment for the moment. But the embarrassment appears palpable and even the most institutional British media outlets most used by the monarchy for his communications, from the public broadcaster BBC to the national agency PA (which initially did not withdraw the suspicious shot, attributed by the palace directly to William's hand), are currently requesting clarifications from the palace. Meanwhile, the crown prince himself is expected today alongside Queen Camilla – who returns to public after a week of rest – at the Commonwealth Day ceremonies. An appointment at which they will have to represent King Charles, absent as expected having eliminated external official commitments for the duration of the oncological therapy he is undergoing following his recent cancer diagnosis.