Kate Middleton's tunnel after her cancer diagnosis, “for now she won't be back in public”


By John

Kate's tunnel, hit by the nightmare of cancer at the age of 42, still does not reveal a glimmer of certain light. The statement, although not pessimistic in tone and content, with which Kensington Palace today breached the wall of secrecy by letting a few words filter through on the health conditions of the Princess of Wales, wife of the heir to the British throne William, can be interpreted in this way: six months after his last appearance at a public event and two months after the shock video shot to reveal the disease to the Kingdom, invoking privacy and respect.

Preceded by the announcement with which a foundation linked to the patronage of the future queen – the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, which deals with support for maternity and early childhood – had made known the remote attention ensured by “Catherine” to her most recent activities, the clarification from a spokesperson for the official residence of Wales this time did not take more than a few minutes.

“The princess is not expected to return to work until there is the green light from her medical team”, he clarified, as if to clear the field of misunderstandings or excessive and premature expectations. Without going into the merits of the progress of the treatments or give any updates on the all-round “preventive” chemotherapy to which Kate has been subjected since the end of February.

The spokesperson, however, confirmed that the daughter-in-law of King Charles III – who has also been struggling for several months with the diagnosis of a tumor of an unspecified nature communicated to the country in February – is able to follow the progress of her charitable projects from home sponsored. And who in particular “is constantly updated” on the establishment of a task force set up by the Center for Early Childhood to promote an ad hoc campaign to support newborns and young children at risk, convinced – even as a mother of three children between 10 and 6 years of age – that early childhood problems represent “a huge priority”.

Indications that echo those of Christian Guy, head of the foundation, who shortly before had evoked the figure of an “enthusiastic” princess upon reading a latest report on a “crucial work project of His Royal Highness”: in conditions at least to deal remotely, “while he recovers”, with the document brought to his table. Indications which do not translate, at the moment, into the definition of any date – not even indicative – on the timing of a possible reappearance on the scene of public commitments. of the house of Windsor.

The court's prudence is explained by the nature of the disease and by the desire not to fuel close illusions or ambiguities after the missteps in the field of public communication in recent months and the whirlwind of inferences and indiscretions based on nothing or almost nothing , as well as real fake news that followed.

While, in any case, the sensation of a very delicate course remains intact, in relation to a treacherous pathology diagnosed in the wake of the mysterious and complex abdominal operation that Prince William's wife had undergone in January during a hospitalization lasting over two weeks in the London Clinic.

A delicate situation which, evidently, to date does not even allow Kate's staff to plan that gradual public return that the 75-year-old King Charles has already started a few weeks ago, as far as oncological treatments are still underway. Until he was able to announce his first post-cancer trip abroad for June 6th, with Queen Camilla and William: in France for the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the landing in Normandy.