The two street cleaners who were victims of the 'Ndrangheta are remembered in Lamezia


By John

Remember today in Lamezia Terme Francesco Tramonte And Pasquale Cristiano, the two street cleaners who were innocent victims of the 'ndrangheta, killed on 24 May 1991 and whose perpetrators have not yet been identified. A commemoration characterized by the performance of the young woman Francesca Cristianonephew of both victims, who performed an unreleased song by the Roman singer-songwriter Alessio Caterini entitled “22 times”, or how many shots were fired by the assassins. He also attended the ceremony Francesco Cristiano, Pasquale's brother. «I can only express feelings of anguish and disappointment – he said – feelings that have lived in us, family members since that distant 1991 and that accompany us every day. So many years later, our hearts are increasingly broken because no light has been shed on what happened. We are well aware of the initial efforts made by investigators to get to the truth. But we know equally well that afterwards there was a lack of concrete will to clarify things, because to date there are many elements that have not been explored and from which, in our opinion, important and useful truths for the investigators themselves could emerge”. A passage, the latter, which refers to the complaint that the families of the two garbage collectors presented to the DDA of Catanzaro to reopen the investigation.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Lamezia Salvatore Curcio, speaking at the commemoration, he maintained that «Francesco and Pasquale were in their place doing their duty as citizens and public employees. This must be clear. They weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are the others who were in the wrong place and place. It is the others who must be removed and made strangers to the social body.” «Memory – added Curcio – serves to help us improve this community of ours, to understand that we don't need superpowers or superheroes, but an extraordinary ordinariness, precisely that of Pasquale and Francesco, who like many citizens of Lamezia went to the workplace”.

Present at the ceremony, in addition to family members and numerous students from the city schools, were also the civil and religious authorities and the heads of the police forces. «Today – said the prefect Enrico Ricci – we remember two workers, two humble people, who were here to work. The fight against the mafia is not something that only concerns the institutions, it concerns all of us. We must start from the idea that the fight against organized crime is everyone's task. So – he added, addressing the boys – train in this fight, as if it were truly a sporting activity. We have to work hard every day. This means respecting the rules and legality every day. We count on you and you can count on us, the institutions will always be at your side.”