Keep an eye out: on the high-speed railway we are moving forward without hesitation or delay


By John

“On high-speed rail we are moving forward without hesitation or delays”. Thus the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, to the “Quotidiano del Sud”. “In line with what was requested by some territories – underlines the governor – RFI has explored and continues to explore all possible solutions for a functional and competitive route. The only lot that fell within the Pnrr deadlines, which arrived at the gates of Calabria, as well as the construction of the double tube of the Santomarco Tunnel, entirely on Calabrian territory, are proceeding with their process to cross the finish line on schedule, and the remaining part the design of the line is being completed or the authorization process has begun. Certainly the work, also in the perspective of building the Bridge over the Strait, remains a priority and strategic both for the regional and national government”, concludes President Occhiuto.