War in the Middle East, 50 dead after a raid on a school in Gaza. Blinken: “Too many Palestinians killed”


By John

The death toll in Gaza has risen to over 11,078 since Israel began hitting the Strip in retaliation for the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas militants. This was reported by the Hamas Ministry of Health.

A bombing of a school in Gaza left at least 50 dead. The director of a hospital in the Strip announced this, explaining that 50 bodies had arrived in the facility.

The director of al-Shifa hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip, said he had received “about fifty bodies after Friday morning’s bombing of a school” in Gaza City, where many displaced people are taking refuge. “Numerous (Israeli) tanks are stationed 200 meters from al-Bouraq School on al-Nasr Street and surround four hospitals in the area,” the Hamas government said.

EU sources, “50% of homes in Gaza destroyed”

“50% of the homes in Gaza have been destroyed, the situation on the ground is dramatic.” A senior European official said this on the eve of next Monday’s Foreign Affairs Council. “Hamas uses civilian facilities in Gaza, such as hospitals, and this is a reality we must deal with. But we ask Israel to act so that civilian casualties are avoided as much as possible, indiscriminate bombing will not improve the things,” the source notes.

Next Monday, EU foreign ministers will have “an initial discussion on post-conflict scenarios in Gaza”. A senior European official said this. There are some shared points, for example that the Palestinians “should not be expelled from Gaza” and that Gaza should maintain its territory; Furthermore, perhaps there will have to be a “transition phase” in Gaza under UN mandate before the Palestinian Authority can take over the management of the Strip. “There are too many unknowns,” the source notes. “The post-conflict period will be difficult, we need to have a common position with the rest of the world, the Arab countries and the USA.”