Kiev uses US weapons to attack Russia. Oslo: NATO has 2-3 years to prepare for an attack by Moscow


By John

L'Ukrainian army used Western weapons against specific military targets inside Russian territory for the first time, marking a major development in the conflict. This action was possible thanks to the permission granted by United States and other allies.

Destruction of an anti-aircraft system

A anti-aircraft systemlocated in the oblast of Belgorodwas hit and destroyed using a multiple rocket launch system HIMARS Made in the USA. The attack took place between June 1 and 2, as reported by Washington Study of War (ISW) who cited geolocalized sources.

Details about the target hit

The specific objective was a Russian air defense battery S-300/400, located approximately 60 kilometers from the front line in the north of Kharkiv oblast and more than 80 kilometers from the city of Kharkiv. This distance placed it within the range of the HIMARS system, but beyond that of other missile systems Ukraine has.

Confirmation of the attack and permission of the allies

Ukrainian Deputy Minister for the Reintegration of Occupied Territories, Irina Vershchuk, confirmed via his Facebook account the destruction of the air defense system with Western weapons, without specifying the type of armament used. In recent days, Ukraine has obtained permission from more than a dozen allied countries to strike certain Russian military targets located in Russian Federation with weapons sent to Kiev.

Reactions to the growth of conflict

The cross-border offensive recently launched by Russia against the Kharkov region has opened a new front in the conflict, raising concern not only in Kiev but also in Western capitals, highlighting the growing tension in the region.

Oslo: NATO has 2-3 years to prepare for a Russian attack

NATO has two or three years to prepare for a Russian attack against NATO: this is the warning from Norwegian defense chief General Eirik Kristoffersen, as reported by the Telegraph. Discussing Russia's ability to rebuild its forces while at war in Ukraine, General Eirik Kristoffersen said: «It will take time, which gives us a window for the next 2-3 years to rebuild our forces, our escorts while we support Kiev.” A shorter time frame than previous estimates: in January the German Defense Minister warned that Russia could attack NATO in 5-8 years.