Cosenza, Giacomo Mancini: «The Wellness Park is just a mockery for the citizens»


By John

The Park of… discord. At the official inauguration of the long strip made up of cycle paths, sports fields, skateboard tracks and equipped greenery, mayor Franz Caruso subtly argued with his predecessor, Mario Occhiuto (creator of the work). Now Giacomo Mancini, former regional councilor with governor Scopelliti, socialist parliamentarian for two legislatures and member of the regional direction of the Democratic Party, is also entering the Wellness Park with a straight leg.
« There is nothing of the park» states Mancini «the only trees were planted by the administration led by Giacomo Mancini 25 years ago. When a city boulevard was being completed, an equipped avenue that would connect Cosenza with Rende. And with the demolition of the railway embankment, the city was opened up to a contamination between neighbourhoods, which before then had been physically and socially isolated and incommunicable. Today the boulevard no longer exists: it has been gutted. And, consequently, traffic in the city was also paralyzed and the social integration between different neighborhoods which were the basis of that far-sighted idea was blocked.”