“La Corsa di Miguel” arrives in Reggio Calabria: on the move for an inclusive and active society


By John

There were hundreds of students present this morning at the Ce.Dir. for the first appointment with “La Corsa di Miguel in Calabria”, a sporting event that commemorates the figure of the desaparecido Argentine marathon poet poet Miguel Sanchez. After the event in Rome last January 21st which reached the milestone of 11 thousand attendees, the initiative moved to the city of Reggio Calabria with a meeting with the theme “Sport of all, for all, with all”, with specific reference to the themes of inclusion through sports practice.

The morning was opened by a flashmob organized by Ussi, Club Atletico Centrale and “La Corsa di Miguel”: “No to gender violence, yes to co-existence”, organized by the students of the “Volta, “Vinci” and “Gullì” high schools. .

Valerio Piccionijournalist and creator of the “Miguel Race”, wanted to thank the administrators, students and teachers, underlining how the initiative represents «a moment of celebration, with the aim of promoting reflection also on a dramatic and tragic theme which is that of femicides.”

The vice mayor of the metropolitan city focused on the meaning of sport “that goes beyond”, Carmelo Versace, who reiterated the relevance of the word “aggregation”. «Sport means looking at what happens elsewhere, where there are many other kids who cannot fully experience it as it should be. We will try to do it together, valuing rights that are sometimes trampled upon, fighting against all types of violence, not just the kind we are used to reading in the newspapers or experiencing in everyday life, through the example that you, especially students, try to give us with these demonstrations. Today we create an ideal bridge between Reggio Calabria and Rome that allows us to celebrate this day.”

Particular satisfaction was also expressed by the municipal councilor for education, Anna Briante, who said she was «happy to host the “Miguel Race”. Today he would have been proud to see all of you together. He, a great dreamer. What we can wish you – Briante remarked while addressing the students – is to be great dreamers. Don’t put chains on your wings, everything is possible as Miguel demonstrated in his life.”

The morning then continued with a meeting which saw the participation, among others, of Tonino Raffa, Rai journalist and historic voice of “Tutto il calcio minute by minute” e Aurora Esabotini, Cip Calabria athlete, as well as a promising swimmer in Reggio Emilia.

The “Corsa di Miguel in Calabria”, which has obtained a partnership agreement with the municipal administration of Reggio Calabria, will return to the shores of the Strait on March 13th with its “Mille di Miguel”, a large student celebration over the distance of a kilometer dedicated to inclusion, thanks to the synergy with the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, and in particular to the work carried out by the sports promotion service official, Luigi Nigero.

It will be an entirely Calabrian week, also by virtue of the appointments on March 12th in Siderno, March 14th in Vibo Valentia and March 15th in Crotone.