The municipal coordination of “South Call North” is established in Messina


By John

Yesterday in Messina, an important assembly was held for the establishment of the municipal coordination of the “South calls North” movement.

Among the over 4000 members coming from the over 60 citizen committees in the city, 45 representatives were elected, of which 23 were chosen from among the ambassador members (councillors, municipal and neighborhood councillors, investees) and 22 from the members of the established citizen committees.

In a climate of active participation and with great enthusiasm, the representatives of the committees voted to elect the municipal coordinator of South Call North in Messina. Nino Carreri was elected unanimously and accepted the role of coordinator with determination municipal.

The city coordination will have the task of representing and coordinating the activities of the movement in Messina, working to promote the ideals and objectives of South Call North in the city and the surrounding area.

Nino Carreri thanked all the members for the trust placed in him and declared himself ready to get to work to carry forward the requests and needs of the Messina community.

Diego Vermiglio, Rosaria Di Ciuccio, Nicoletta D’Angelo, Cristiana Irrera, Alessandro La Cava, Raffaele Rinaldo, Giuseppe Schepis and Antonella Femino’ were elected to the municipal coordination secretariat.