Lamezia, a delegation from the “Pitagora” secondary school at the first World Children's Day


By John

Today, 25 May 2024, a delegation of 27 students and teachers from Pitagora secondary school participates free of charge in the first World Children's Day event at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

They left this morning on the red arrow train, reserved for the event, and arrived in Rome in the early afternoon led by teachers: Francesco Rotella, Ivana Giannini, Giovanna Giampà, Adriana Perri and Marilena Talarico.

This new celebration was desired by Pope Francis to put children at the center of attention, listening to their voices, responding to their needs and supporting their dreams for a better world.

The event, followed live worldwide on TV 2000, was organized by the Dicastery for Culture and Education and sees the participation of children from all over the world, involved in activities focused on friendship and education.

This afternoon there were various musical moments with Renato Zero, Al Bano, Orietta Berti, Carolina Bencivenga, the Cirque du Soleil show, the screening of the trailer of the short film “La Casa di tutti” by Manetti Bros and the participation of Gigi Buffon.

Pope Francis reiterated that small gestures, such as prayer and kindness, can lead to big changes in the world, encouraging children to be active builders of a more humane, just and peaceful society.

In the evening and for the overnight stay the “Pitagora” delegation will be guests of the Grimaldi Lines ship in Civitavecchia.

Tomorrow morning, after breakfast on the ship, the “Pithagora” delegation will participate in the event in St. Peter's Square.

On Sunday 26 May, Feast of the Holy Trinity, the second appointment will be held in St. Peter's Square for the Holy Mass, presided over by Pope Francis, and the monologue by Roberto Benigni after the Regina Coeli, at the conclusion of the event.

A school – highlighted the director De Vita – is considered inclusive when it manages to guarantee that all students can fully participate in school life and reach their maximum potential.

Occasions like this one today also serve to give children the emotional and social support necessary to develop strong self-esteem as well as social skills.

In our school – continues De Vita – we aim to create a school environment where every student has the opportunity to grow and learn in a meaningful way that respects their unique characteristics.