Messina, snake walking around at the Polyclinic: firefighters capture it


By John

Singular discovery, yesterday afternoon at the Polyclinic where the firefighters intervened due to the presence of a snake that was wandering in the structure as if nothing had happened and which alarmed those present. The intervention of a fire brigade team was requested and immediately intervened to recover the animal and make it safe. A team coordinated by the foreman Giuseppe Arena immediately arrived on site from the central barracks and captured the reptile.. The snake, with due precautions, was delicately placed inside a container and then taken to the countryside, in an area far from the city center, where it was released. It is not the first time that snakes “invade” city spaces, creating commotion and even some moments of tension. As happened in November 2023 on Via Garibaldi where the presence of a snake had aroused fear and curiosity. He had been spotted crawling along the sidewalk, a walk which, on that occasion, had been interrupted by the people who were in the area, one of them had faced him with a broom and dustpan. The snake was then captured and placed inside a box. Also in this case there were no consequences for the reptile which had been handed over to the municipal police.