Lamezia, crossfire on common accounts between councilor Zaffina and the former auditor


By John

The fiery controversy continues between the municipal executive and the accounting experts who resigned last August. Particularly the former president Rocco Nicita, defends his position vigorously and that of the other members of the body who have expressed an unfavorable opinion regarding the DUP (Single Programming Document) and the budget forecast. In recent days the resigning auditors sent the Municipality’s accounting data to the Court of Auditors. In this regard, the Budget Councilor Sandro Zaffina he points out: «Since law no. 266/2005, the boards of auditors send the questionnaire on the financial statements to the Court of Auditors every year; it is a ritual fulfillment. Furthermore, the reports relating to the financial years of 2018 and 2019 were managed by the extraordinary commission led by the prefect Alecci. The delegation to the budget, personally, was given to me on 17 December 2019, therefore – comments Zaffina – how could I “‘do my utmost in effective action” as the former president of the board of auditors complains”. The councilor is a river in flood: «Why does the resigning Nicita not explain who made the mistake of including in the 2020 report, approved by the prefectural commissioner Priolo, who personally appointed Nicita. How come the former president of the College reports nothing on the deficit generated in 2020 of 15,082,726 euros”.