Reggina, change of name and construction of the staff are the commitments of the Amaranth association


By John

Two new announcements in the home of the new Reggina (even if based on the name it is not yet such) break the flat calm that had become a cause for anxiety. The coach at the helm of the restart will be Bruno Trocini and there has been a change of name which, at this stage, has a certain relevance.


Yesterday, important news arrived from the club. and something could change in the relationship. In fact, both federal and civil procedures have been activated for the integration of the provisional name chosen and which to date has been one of the major reasons for dispute. From now on, every type of communication will abandon the name La Fenice Amaranto and adopt the new name “Lfa Reggio Calabria”. A choice made to add an identity trait, trusting that perhaps from next season we will be able to find Reggina’s historic name and logo. And if that initial choice of name appeared a bit approximate, today we can say that there is an effort by the owners to meet the fans’ requests. «Reggio Calabria – declared the general manager Antonino Ballarino – deserves the maximum commitment aimed primarily at reconquering the identity and glorious history of the club. For this reason we are evaluating various initiatives aimed at underlining the identity of Reggio”.

Trocini the coach

The new coach for Serie D certainly represents a top-level profile and has always coached in Serie C in recent seasons. His best experiences were important cycles with Rende and Virtus Francavilla, both of which were brought to the playoffs for Serie B. He arrives on Tight with a desire for redemption, determined by two adventures that ended with dismissals on the benches of Potenza and Fidelis Andria. Chapters lasted ten and eight games respectively, a time span that was probably too short to be considered indicative. 49-year-old Bruno Trocini was born in Cosenza, he has a past as a player also in the Juventus youth team and as a coach he has a wealth of experience from over 250 benches. 104 in that group I of Serie D which will see his new team as protagonist with the aim of being at the highest levels. Trocini will be presented next week. His task will be to create a team that can immediately fight to win the championship, despite the significantly late start. Perhaps with the support of the great Reggio fans, who largely continue to have a dubious approach towards the new club.


After Trocini, an acceleration on the market is expected. Several unders will arrive in Reggio in the next few hours. Some will do it on a trial basis, others, however, will be loans from important nurseries, possible thanks to the extension of the market valid until 20 September. At least ten-twelve very young players are needed to give depth of choice to a team which, by regulation, must always have at least four on the pitch. However, there is plenty of choice among the freed players. Names already known for a couple of days, such as Calapai and Mungoseem at the top of the preferences and also not very far away.