Lamezia, electoral campaign in full swing: the European elections are also on the horizon


By John

If until a few days ago the electoral campaign, which had been underway in secret for a few months by both the aspiring candidates of the centre-left and the centre-right, after the articles published by the Southern Gazette the debate on possible candidates for mayor comes out into the open and gets to the heart of things. Also because to go back to the polls we won’t have to wait a year and a half for the municipal elections, as the European elections scheduled for June 2024 will take place first.
This is why both sides have turned on the engines of the electoral campaign. And this would also explain why he took the field Doris Lo Moro, who announced that he wanted to make himself available to the city and the Democratic Party. Attentive political observers have glimpsed in his statements a possible candidacy for the European elections. A hypothesis “compatible” also with the unconditional support of the city secretary of the Democratic Party Gennarino Masiwho in a recent public meeting praised Lo Moro for her “availability”, despite Masi’s well-known desire to run for mayor of the city.
The same could also apply to the former mayor Gianni Speranza, also a possible candidate for European competitions. Speranza has in fact returned to the press after a long period of “silence”, entering the political debate on the situation in which the city finds itself, how he left it when he administered it and how it is now that he has managed the Municipality Paolo Mascaro.