Lamezia, Mascaro is not thinking about the elections: «It would be a massacre for the city»


By John

In the end the so-called “centrist turn” arrived, following the rapprochement of Noi Moderati, with the direct entry into the council of the now former councilor Annalisa Spinelli, new Councilor for Culture for the Mascaro council, and for the First Citizen it was the opportunity, like never before, to dot some “i's” from a purely political point of view.
Yet, if on the one hand Mascaro's entry into Forza Italia led to a consequent end to the civility that characterized most of Mascaro's second mandate, the mayor's imprinting, even on the occasion of the last presentation press conference of the new councilors (Spinelli and Rizzo) continues to want to focus more on the administrative portions of government rather than on the political ones, still claiming that whole series of administrative activities and events: «If we look at the past we can say that this local authority has inherited a predisposed situation and which today is an exemplary local authority from an accounting point of view and which can honor every commitment and every obligation in real time” underlined Mascaro recalling the termination of the composition with creditors with Multiservizi, a company increasingly praised by the mayor, “a company that closes the balance sheet with assets”.