Renzi in Messina: «At the center, against madness. Meloni moves towards Le Pen, Schlein increasingly to the left”


By John

The wars underway in the heart of the continent and in Middle Eastthe role ofEurope in a historical phase that too often records “madness”. And then the most pressing domestic political issues. The former prime minister Matteo Renzifounder of Italy alivealso stopped in Messina as part of his Sicilian tour in view of the June vote.

Renzi is also a candidate in the constituency Islands in the list United States of Europewhich he created together with Emma Bonino. In a long one interview released to the “Gazzetta”, Renzi addressed international and national political issues across the board. The need to combine support forUkraine constant diplomatic action aimed at re-establishing the peace.

And in this context theUnion must play a leading role, free from extreme positions, both right and left. On the domestic front, Renzi has rejected the form of premiered imagined by the minister Toll boothsreiterating his preference for a presidentialism French way.

He stigmatized the delays in justice reformstating that in the government the guaranteeist line is succumbing to the advantage of a justicialist line carried out by the deputy minister Delmastro. Clear rejection also of thedifferentiated autonomywhich will increase the gap between North And South. Harsh judgment on Giorgia Meloni: “A chatterbox who is skilled in communication. A influencers”. Finally, the reform of tax, with “mediocre” errors; and the Bridge over the Straitwhich sees Renzi taking the “Yes” side but also attacking Salvini: “He is using it only for electoral purposes. He should open the construction sites”.

The interview, written by Francesco Celi, today in the Gazzetta del Sud.