Lamezia, presentation of the Calabria Tribù APS cultural association founded by Renato Costa


By John

An afternoon of celebration and culture featured the presentation to the public of the newly formed cultural association Calabria Tribù APS (founded by president Renato Costa, Giuseppe Malerba and Giuseppe Ingoglia). The inaugural party took place in the premises of the literary café “Il Chiostro” in Lamezia Terme. Several guests spoke in the debate moderated by journalist Rosita Mercatante. Mayor Paolo Mascaro highlighted the importance of collaboration between the Municipality and associations for the implementation of projects of territorial interest. Giuseppe Lombardi, Director of Rambaldi Promotions, expressed full availability and collaboration in encouraging the growth of the new association. President Renato Costa, former Vibo publisher of Edizioni Beroe, declared the mission of his new cultural reality: «The mission of Calabria Tribù APS is well represented by its logo. The purple petals are reminiscent of the soldanella, a flower present exclusively in Sila and Aspromonte, and refers to the narration and protection of the Calabrian landscape. The two pillars on the sides instead recall the historical and cultural roots, representing an alternative narrative of the past of this wonderful region. The mission is therefore to tell and discover the hidden realities of our beloved Calabria.» During the interventions, readings for adults and children alternated. The actor Pietro Delle Piane paid homage to two famous “centenary” authors: Nicola Misasi and Franco Costabile. The same actor from Cosenza then accompanied the voices of Emanuela Stella and Giuseppe Ingoglia reading the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast.” Another exciting moment involved the children: the Vibo sculptor Tonino Denami paid homage to the Rambaldi family by exhibiting a chocolate ET. A very excited Daniela Rambaldi had fun breaking the chocolate sculpture intended to delight children’s palates.