Messina, the tradition of “Pagghiaru” is renewed in Bordonaro: the winner of the challenge is Antony Allia


By John

Antony Allia, twenty-three year old from Villaggio Santo-Bordonaro, “U Pagghiaru” won, the traditional climb up the maypole on the day of the Epiphany. The young man wanted to dedicate the victory to his family members who supported him on the impressive construction and to his community. The tradition was embodied in the challenge between the young people represented from different villages of the Third District, who literally stormed U Pagghiaru, with the aim of catching the cross placed at the top of the tree.

Father Severinoparish priest of Bordonaro and the village festival committee made their voices and warm affection heard towards a community which today, in a strong bond between past and future, feels more alive and united than ever.

The valley of Bordonaro it has therefore returned to being the theater of a special moment of aggregation for the Messina community. Many came, despite the inclement weather, to gather around “U Pagghiaru,” the imposing tree that stands out in the center of the Bordonaro square. Among those present, the mayor Federico Basile and the councillor Massimo Minutoli“U Pagghiaru represents an important moment of aggregation for all citizens, to celebrate Sicilian popular traditions and to renew the wish for a new year full of abundance and prosperity”: these are the words of Mayor Basile, published on his Facebook page right during the event.