Lamezia, traders are a “team” against the crisis and the decline in sales


By John

Merry Christmas in the city. The greetings officially started yesterday and the holiday events promoted by “Condominio Lamezia”the organization of city center traders who aimed to enliven the days leading up to the Christmas and New Year. There are many initiatives on the calendar and moments of celebration and sharing between mascots who walk through the main city streets and invite passers-by to enter the bars and clubs that are part of “Condominio Lamezia”. From the aperitif on the long weekend of the Immaculate Conception to street artists, through face painting and street bands. But, as tradition dictates, the pipers who play the ancient and popular Christmas dirges cannot be missing. The traders and entrepreneurs of “Condominio Lamezia” have thought of everything, so much so that they have also planned a nice tour around Santa Claus’ city with his famous sleigh. The motto that unites them all is “Live the city” with the hope that the people of Lamezia will return to appropriating suggestive corners of the center and above all, resume the good habit of making their purchases in the city shops. An invitation extended to the entire community, therefore, for Lamezia to regain the primacy of Calabrian trade center held for several decades in the last century. Also from this perspective, the Christmas markets were born, set up on the pedestrian area of ​​Corso Nicotera and desired by the municipal administration.