Landy Párraga, the former beauty queen murdered in a restaurant in Ecuador


By John

Former beauty queen Landy Párraga was murdered in Ecuador by a killer who shot her repeatedly while she was in a restaurant in the province of Los Ríos. Párraga, aged 23, was involved in the 'Metastasis' case, concerning an alleged conspiracy of judicial, police and prison corruption. Her name was linked in particular to the alleged drug trafficker and money launderer Leandro Norero, killed in 2022 inside the Latacunga prison.

The “Metastasis” case came to light in late 2023 with a large-scale operation in which 39 people were arrested, including the then President of the Judicial Council Wilman Terán. The investigation revealed several conversations from seized cell phones in which Párraga's name appears on several occasions.