Taormina, restyling of Palazzo Corvaja: more funds put on the table


By John

Its opening had been announced by the mayor Cateno De Luca for June 8th, but now it could be postponed. The municipal administration of Taormina has in fact decided to allocate further economic resources for Palazzo Corvaja, a historic building (it was the seat of the first Sicilian Parliament) closed for about five years. Yesterday, the council, chaired by the deputy mayor Giuseppe Sterrantinogiven the absence of the mayor, who has been hospitalized since Monday because he was suffering from acute pneumonia, has decided to commit another 80,000 euros for the construction of technological systems, deemed essential to guarantee optimal use of the building complex, and therefore the next the next step will be the awarding of the new works.
Last autumn, the restoration and conservative rehabilitation works were completed, financed in 2020 by the Region with 1,180,000 euros, while in August completion works were entrusted for 45,755 euros and at the end of December another renovation and restoration of the air conditioning system, cleaning, disinfestation and maintenance of the garden, for a cost of 127,787 euros, which is about to be completed. Among the various construction sites, seismic vulnerability checks have also been started, for an amount of over 26,000 euros, from which the need to proceed with some localized interventions on specific portions of the structure emerged.