Lega echoes Orban: Brussels arrogant, EU needs a large group of patriots


By John

“In the face of the arrogance of Brussels, which behaves as if nothing had happened after the citizens’ vote on the nominations and does not wait for the outcome of the French elections, it is more necessary than ever to unite the forces of those who want to change Europe and offer an alternative to the wretched left. As Matteo Salvini has repeatedly hoped for, a large group to gather European patriots can no longer be postponed.” This is what we read in a note from the League.

Orban: “By the end of the year, patriots will be the majority in the West”

“Two decisive events will take place on Sunday. We should keep an eye on Paris and Vienna. Yesterday they also took a big step towards change in America. If everything goes according to plan and the Good Lord helps us, by the end of the year patriots will be the majority throughout the Western world.” This was written yesterday by Hungarian President Viktor Orban in an editorial in Magyar Nemzet. In addition to the French legislative elections, the reference to Sunday in Vienna seems to concern the expected televised intervention tomorrow morning by Herbert Kickl, president of the far-right and anti-immigration Freedom Party, which marks the third Sunday appointment with political leaders on Austria’s second channel Orf2, in view of the elections called in Austria for September 29 with the challenge to conservative Chancellor Karl Nehammer, also supported by the Greens. Kickl is seen as clearly ahead in the polls, after having already doubled his seats in the European Parliament in the European elections. “Despite the pact that blocks the will of the voters, we will continue to build the cooperation of the European right-wing parties,” Orban writes in his editorial. “The right-wing parties must create strong factions in the European Parliament and then build cooperation between these groups.”