Gioia Tauro, Simona Scarcella proclaimed mayor: “I will not betray your trust”


By John

“I can assure you that my term in office will last 5 years, no matter what they say. Hope for municipal administrations capable of resisting over time, anyone who says otherwise does not want the good of the city”. With this warning, the new mayor of Gioia Tauro, Simona Scarcella, on the day of her proclamation, she concluded the rally of thanks in a Piazza dell’Incontro packed with supporters and citizens. Scarcella immediately reiterated the validity of her statement, rejecting the accusations of the last few days, including those of the former mayor Alessio, on alleged and unspecified non-democratic methods: “The Joy of good, free people, honest and simple people has won: these are the strong powers that elected me and for me they are a source of pride and satisfaction – the new mayor remarked. The results of the electoral round were clear and important: the people chose to approve our project, to trust me and to entrust me with the government of this city for 5 years and I who have received this assignment thank you for this trust that I will not betray”.