Let's relaunch Vibo Valentia: the commitment of “Vetrine Vibonesi” for a living city


By John

Vibo Valentia, with its picturesque alleys and welcoming atmosphere, is a city that deserves to be experienced and rediscovered. It is with this spirit that the'Vetrine Vibonesi' association, with the ambitious aim of bringing life and dynamism back to the heart of the city. The recipe is simple: organization of events and demonstrations capable of attracting citizens from all over the province and tourists, bringing new energy and important growth opportunities to the social and commercial fabric of the area. All independently and self-financing.

“We firmly believe – the promoters of the association explain in a note – that through a calendar of cultural, artistic and recreational initiatives, a virtuous circle can be created that brings benefits to everyone, from traders to citizens, up to tourists. Let's think – they continue – of the street events that enliven the summer evenings, of the Christmas markets that warm up the winter, of the gastronomic fairs that enhance the excellence of our territory. These are just some examples of the activities that 'Vetrine Vibonesi' intends to promote, convinced that each event is a unique opportunity to showcase our commercial activities and attract potential customers. But our project needs everyone's help and support. The traders who are not yet part of our association first and foremost: let's join together in this exciting challenge, by collaborating and sharing ideas and resources we can make a difference, actively contributing to the relaunch of our city. Each new member – Chiosano – represents an added value, an additional resource to make Vibo Valentia a living, pulsating city, capable of attracting and fascinating. Together, we can make our recovery dreams a reality. The future of Vibo Valentia depends on us.”