“Like turtles”, the “premiere” in Sicily in the Iris multiplex in the presence of the Messina director Monica Dugo


By John

The film “Like turtles” will have its Sicilian premiere Thursday 7 September at 9pm to Messina in the Iris multiplex in Ganzirri. They will be present Monica Dugodirector and performer, e Cinzia Catanoso Rutsonproducer, both originally from Messina and linked by a solid friendship since high school.

This film confirmed not only their friendship but also a fruitful professional collaboration. Monica, with a background ranging from dance to dramatic art, has added the title of author, screenwriter and director to her many skills. Meanwhile, Cinzia, with her entrepreneurial streak and experience in production, has also achieved success abroad, where she pursues a managerial career. This synergy between creativity and organizational skills led to the creation of this much appreciated project.

The film tells the story of a seemingly ideal family who lives a cover life in the historic center of Rome: Daniele, Lisa, the teenager Sveva and the seven-year-old Paolo seem like the photograph of perfection. Until, one day, without warning or explanation, Daniele empties his part of the wardrobe and leaves. Lisa, realizing the irrevocability of this decision, is traumatized. The wardrobe left empty by Daniele becomes her refuge and her hiding place, where she can pause the reality of the pain and try to mend the wounds. At her side are her two children, confused and scared but ready to support their mother’s healing journey. Among the protagonists, alongside Monica Dugo, are Romana Maggiora Vergano, Edoardo Boschetti, Francesco Gheghi, Angelo Libri, Annalisa Insardà and Sandra Collodel.

The film, presented at Venice festival in 2022, it was developed within the Biennial College Cinemaa training course financed by Venice Biennale. Monica and Cinzia won funding of 150,000.00 euros for the production, standing out as the only Italians selected from around 2000 applications. The film is an example of how passion and commitment can overcome budget limitations, defining itself as more “love budget” than “low budget”.

The project attracted a cast and crew of the highest level, but the real added value was the friendship and trust consolidated between Monica and Cinzia. After its presentation in Venice, “Like turtles” received the award from the HFPA and Film Independentwhich allowed Monica to spend a residency in Los Angeles with the screening of the film. The film also participated in important international festivals, including Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Seattle, New York and, more recently, the Giffoni Film Festival.

It was recently released in Italian cinemas, with the hope that an increasingly wider audience will be able to appreciate the artistic value and dedication that have been invested in this film.