Limpidi di Acquaro, nativity scene town for a day PHOTO


By John

An entire town, the hamlet of Limpidi di Acquaro, has been transformed in recent days into the Bethlehem of 2023 years ago, with the revival of the representation of the living nativity scene.e, which attracted visitors from every neighboring town and emigrants returning for the holidays. An enormous undertaking like every year that the Limpidians accomplished, who, spiritually guided by Don Rocco Suppa, and working for over three months they transformed every corner, every house, every cellar of the small village into some scenario from the past, in which each of the 200 souls of the hamlet and others from other countries played a role. The result was 29 locations set up, enlivened by the sound of bagpipes and the piped music of Christmas music and located in the small streets along a pre-established and well-explained route in a flyer delivered at the start of the same and even in a website created ad hoc . To make everything more evocative and realistic, many stations decorated with vegetables and tools from the ancient peasant tradition. It goes without saying that many of the doors and houses that hosted the scenarios had not been opened since the last edition of the representation. During the initiative, among other things, it was possible to satisfy not only sight but also taste, with the tasting or purchase (with a small offer) of succulent products typical of the festivals and local cuisine. As regards the scenes there were, among others, Herod’s house, the Synagogue, inns and taverns, the bakery, the pasta maker, the knife grinder, the shoemaker, the forge, the lathe, the carpenter, the oil mill , the tailor’s shop, the basket maker, the granary, the cottage cheese maker, the market and the list to reach twenty-nine would be long. Obviously at the culmination of the route there was the hut, with the holy family visited at the end of the evening by the Magi and a little “technological” angel watching over the little boy, distracted by a smartphone. From the series: even the nativity scene adapts to the times. The chorus of approval from those who visited the performance was unanimous, performed by a community that on these and other occasions proves to be close-knit and compact, sparing no effort in the organization and success of what it does.