Linea Verde departs from Calabria on Sunday, a journey through the Cosentino vineyards


By John

He finally leaves the new edition of Linea Verde which chooses to travel, in its first episode, to Calabria. September, harvest time but, above all, time for new arrivals in Raiuno’s historic Sunday program. Livio Beshir and, for the trail and hiking part, Margherita Granbassi arrive alongside Peppone in this edition of Linea Verde.

It will be Peppone himself who will welcome the new friends to Calabria, in the province of Cosenza, in that portion of territory that gradually descends from the Pollino Massif to the Sibari Plain and the Ionian Sea. Harvest, we were saying… Peppone and Livio will begin their journey in an ancient agricultural estate, located on the hills of Castrovillariwhere the harvest of Magliocco grapes is in full swing these days and where several ancient and native vines recovered from the Pollino area are being studied by the local consortium and in collaboration with prestigious universities.

But not only that: Peppone will visit the village of Morano Calabro, with the splendid castle and its ancient artisan traditions, and a livestock cooperative which, over the last half century, has prevented the depopulation of the mountain hamlet of Campotenese. The latter, located at 1000 meters above sea level, is the real Calabrian “gateway” to the Pollino as well as a treasure chest of natural and food and wine treasures, starting from the Pollino cycle path, traveled by Margherita Granbassi, up to the futuristic project of the ” Catasta Pollino”, a place that aims to enhance the mountain and its extraordinary products.

Livio will instead be in a district of Castrovillari, where in this period the nectarines are harvested, and will therefore descend to the Sibari Plain, to discover the renowned rice fields, the Sibari Lakes and the famous Archaeological Park which tells us an ancient story, dating back to Magna Graecia.

And after a window on Moscato di Saracena, a true treasure told directly by a local winemaker, Peppone and Livio will meet for the grand finale in Altomonte, a proud village with an ancient history, where terracotta craftsmanship and goldsmith’s art, but above all lives Enzo Barbieri, gourmet historian, cultured narrator, refined host and standard-bearer of Calabrian catering.