Lipari, maritime transport in the Aeolian Islands heats up the city council


By John

The municipal council of Lipari, meeting on second call, approved all the points included on the agenda of the works. That is, the eight off-balance sheet debts, for a total amount of 113,034.52 euros; the establishment of the register of areas affected by fire and the municipal register of forests affected by fire (years 2010 – 2022); the regulation containing the rules governing the reimbursement of legal expenses to be paid to employees and directors involved in judicial proceedings for civil, criminal or administrative liability; the request for an exemption made by Sel (Lipari electricity company) for the expansion of the structures serving the Lipari power plant. The Lipari councilors will be called back to the chamber on 27 September for the approval of the reporting format (year 2022) with related attachments and report.
Meanwhile, the five councilors of the opposition group (Gaetano Orto, Adolfo Sabatini, Cristina Dante, Raffaele Rifici, Giorgia Santamaria), in consideration of the fact that the Caronte&Tourist Isole Minori company has already announced to continue maritime transport services, through free cabotage, no later than next September 30th, they requested the president of the civic assembly Antonino (Nuccio Russo) the self-convocation of the municipal council, or an integration of the session already convened, so that the municipal administration reports on the state of affairs and on the actions undertaken, or intends to be undertaken, in order to avoid the suppression of very important lines and sections immediately after the 30th September 2023.