Lipari storm after the mayor's order: “Playing football in the streets and squares is prohibited”


By John

Playing football in the streets and squares of the Municipality of Lipari is prohibited. For violators there will be fines of 25 up to 500 euros. This is provided for by an ordinance, n.19/2024, of the mayor of the largest Aeolian municipality, Riccardo Gullo. An ordinance that is already causing a sensation and has sparked protests from mothers, particularly those on the smaller islands where there are no sports facilities or even football pitches and children are used to playing in streets and squares. The ordinance states “It is forbidden to play football in the streets and squares of the municipality in behavior that may cause damage to public or private property and harass passers-by or people who stop or live near the squares.” There is no middle ground, the ordinance appears to be the result of a motorbike accident which occurred in recent days in the streets of Lipari, due to a ball.