European elections 2024: here's when and where to vote


By John

From 6 to 9 June Europe will return to voting to choose citizens' representatives at theEurocamera, the only elective body of the community institutions. I am 370 million the people called to the polls: this is the second largest election in the world in terms of number of those entitled to vote after the Indian federal ones. The citizens of the Old Continent will vote for him MEPs of the 10th legislature, which will officially begin with the plenary session of July 15-19.

At the polls

The Dutch will be the first to vote: the seats in Netherlands will open their doors on June 6 and will begin the continental electoral round. Friday 7 June polling stations will open in Ireland And Czech Republic. Saturday June 8th it will be up to the voters of Latvia, SlovakiaCzech Republic, Malta And Italy. The Bel Paese and the Czech Republic will be the only two EU nations to have citizens vote on two different days. The true election day but it will be Sunday June 9thwhen the others 20 Member States will go to the vote, bringing more than two thirds of the EU electorate to the polls.

The results

The bare of the votes will be contemporary and will begin with the publication of the first national estimates at 6.15pm on Sunday and will culminate with the premieres continental projections on the future composition of the European Chamber scheduled for 8.15pm on Sunday evening. A European night marathon will start from there: in the hemicycle of the European Chamber Brussels EP staff will gradually update the results from all Member States. The president is also expected to be present Roberta Metsola. Until dawn Monday 10when the EU wakes up with an idea of ​​what message the voters will have delivered at the ballot box and what majorities will take shape among the 720 new elected members.

Who votes

Rulesage of voters and candidates change from country to country. Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece And Luxembourg they are the only states with compulsory voting. L'Estonia instead, it is the only 'smart' country that will allow the online voting. In AustriaBelgium, Malta and Germany you can vote starting from 16 yearscome on 17 in Greece. In all other states the age requirement is 18 years. Candidates must have minimum 25 years old in Greece and Italy, minimum 23 in Romania, 21 in BulgariaCzech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania Poland, Slovakia and Cypruswhile in the others the minimum threshold is 18 years.