Lirosi di Gioia Tauro dispute, Staine thunders: “He has no credit of 14 million”


By John

Meetings were held today in the Region to discuss the Lirosi Autoservizi dispute based in Gioia Tauro and holder of a service contract with the Calabria Region valid until 2026, whose company shares are subject to criminal seizure for tax evasion as part of a matter which the competent courts will deal with.

Following a press release issued by the Sole Director of Lirosi Autoservizi, Sabrina Condemias well as judicial administrator of the share capital seized by the Court of Palmi, the social partners have requested a discussion with the Transport Councilor Emma Staine which, by virtue of the delicate situation affecting eighty workers, made itself immediately available and examined all aspects of the service contract and its provision with the offices.

Councilor Staine first met Dr. Condemi as legal representative of Lirosi Autoservizi, and, immediately, also the company’s union and RSA representatives.

“I never shy away from meeting requests, especially if they concern the future of eighty workers. Of course – declared Councilor Staine – I believe it is profoundly incorrect and professionally deplorable that a Judicial Administrator appointed by the Court, a professional appointed exclusively to comply with the role she is responsible for, with the rigor that the laws impose on her, deems it appropriate to send a press release having its activities, all, I believe, without the consent of the same Court that appointed it. But there’s more: with the same statement you provided untruthful information, distorting public opinion and misleading the workers, because Lirosi does not boast any credit equal to 14 million euros as Condemi unexpectedly declared in the press. I stigmatize the behavior of those who believe they denigrate the work of the Calabria Region for their own professional gain, hiding behind the aegis of an appointment by the Court, which should instead verify the opportunity, as well as the correctness of the professionals it appoints”.

“The Region – underlined Staine – has always operated correctly through the sector manager, Giuseppe Pavone, who with maximum collaboration and availability participated in various meetings, making the Company’s requests his own, but also having to guarantee the legitimacy of the acts that the Region itself implements. I would like to remind you that every action undertaken by the Region does not aim to satisfy the needs of the private sector, but is based on the objectivity of the law. My objective is to protect, exclusively, the workers and guarantee the service of public transport for the citizens of the Gioia Tauro plain. While remaining guarantor of the administrative procedures of the body I represent, it certainly does not fall within my institutional role to intervene on the merits of the Lirosi Autoservizi affair, or in the economic needs that concern the agreement in blank from the itself presented. The Calabria Region – concluded councilor Steine ​​- has presented a settlement proposal in strict compliance with the applicable legal parameters and I do not allow anyone to denigrate the work of a manager like engineer Pavone by spreading false news only in order to leverage pressure with the workers on the regional body. This way of behaving is wrong and, personally, it reinforces in me the idea that the manager acted correctly, with competence and rectitude.”

Once the Region and the executive engineer have clarified compliance with their duty. Pavone, today’s meetings explored the possible alternative solutions, in the event of failure to submit the composition proposal by Lirosi autoservizi srl, to ensure the continuity of the service and the safeguarding of jobs.

In this regard, Councilor Staine has identified a possible alternative solution that goes in the direction of protecting jobs and continuity of service, all to be implemented only in the event that the Company cannot guarantee continuity of service.