Locri, devastation due to the construction of the cycle path on the coast


By John

«The southern coast of the city of Locri, where the only green park in the area is located, the pine forest, created with a large investment of public resources in the 1980s, is currently put at serious risk by the bulldozers that are digging the dune area of ​​state maritime property to create an incredible cycle path that leads nowhere, but rather travels parallel thirty meters from another path created a few years ago by the Municipality of Locri with community funds”. It is the cry of alarm raised by Giuseppe Nunziato Belcastrospokesperson for the 5 Star Movement, who announces his closeness to the “Civic Committee for the protection of public green spaces and sustainable mobility” which was established in Locri, as well as to all the citizens who in every part of the country take action to safeguard the environment and therefore give a future to the young generations.