Donations to the young patients of the Pediatrics department of the Crotone hospital


By John

What a shame and what a waste to throw away toys that are no longer used! When decluttering is done at home, i.e. major cleaning to eliminate everything that is no longer needed, to make space, from the pantry to the wardrobes, from the children’s bedroom to the attic, the aim is to dispose of the excesses that we have accumulated. When faced with used toys, the solutions to choose are those oriented towards recycling and reuse, avoiding throwing them in the garbage as much as possible. In fact, most games are made of materials that are difficult to recycle, which seriously impact the environment. Donation therefore represents the best choice. Starting from these assumptions, at the end of October the Crotone Marchesato Lions Club organized the “Let’s give a new life to…” service in Roccabernarda. The toys generously offered by the small community of the Marquisate were selected and, on Wednesday 6 December, donated to the pediatric department of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital in Crotone. The head physician, Dr Stefania Zampogna, together with all the medical and paramedical staff and the interns, enthusiastically welcomed the Lions members, equipped with boxes and a jute bag full of toys, reminiscent of Santa Claus’s. Young patients will be able to benefit from a variety of games that will try to alleviate their suffering. The photos taken next to the glittering Christmas tree will forever remember this small gesture of solidarity and love.